Whelped 30 June 09
Sire: Supreme Ch Peperone New Sensation
Dam: Supreme Ch Ridgesetter Etain
 we believe there are various versions out there, so here our side of THE STORY 
Coco came to us on terms that her breeders could have a litter from her. When the time came, and natural matings were being difficult, it was discovered that she had a stricture which would prevent a natural mating.
Wishing to honour our obligation, her breeders wished to mate her and we returned her to them, where an AI was carried out. Unfortunately the mating did not take.
Her next season clashed with the National and whilst we offered the opportunity of a litter, time wise it did not suit them as the litter would have been around the time of the National Show.

On the next season she was once again offered and we asked her breeder if she actually wanted to breed with her.
We were told that her husband did not want her keep any more dogs, as they had enough dogs and did not want to breed Coco.
Some dogs arent meant to have puppies and to put Coco thru a litter with an AI to mate and then the possibility of a caesarian birth due to her stricture, was not what we personally wished to undertake. However, we felt we had to honour our obligation to her breeders and offer her to them. We felt we had done this. Following the breeder’s advice that they no longer wished to have Coco for a litter, the decision was made to desex Coco and she now lives a life of luxury with her new family and another whippet we bred, Spirit….That is just what she deserved !!